There’s a huge history of the Sikhs from 1469 onwards. That was the time when their first Guru founded the Sikh religion, based on spiritual and moral values.
Sikhs have been betrayed by almost every major community in the historical context. Later, Sikhs have been allies too to many mainstream communities, interestingly.
Sikhs have been loved and hated well. Sikhs have done a huge share in enforcing world peace. Hence they are loved and hated depending on the players and the biases involved.
Between 1799 and 1856 AD Sikhs had a big empire (call it a country for contemporary terminology). It was called Punjaub. It covered most of present Pakistan, North India and Kashmir.
The king of the Sikh empire Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the General of the Sikh army Gen Hari Singh Nalwa have been recently awarded one of the best kings and Generals awards in the modern times by BBC, London, UK.
Sikh empire was annexed by the English in 1856 after Anglo Sikh wars owing to betrayals from the Sikh empire’s multicultural cabinet’s Hindu prime minister Mr Dhyan Chand Dogra and some others.
Later British and Sikhs became allies. Till today, they enjoy cordial relationship. Sikhs became a diaspora in the post 1856 period as the Sikh nationhood got destroyed. The west has been very accommodating to the Sikhs owing to Sikhs huge contributions to the British and it’s allies. 83000 Sikhs died fighting in the world wars, mostly for the allied forces.
Later in 1930 to 1932, there were round table conferences in London to decide on the transfer of power to the “East Indians” as the British decided to wrap up their presence in modern India. Pakistan and present India’s leaders were successful in carving out their political entities. The Sikhs’ political leadership failed the Sikhs badly in those round table conferences. Later repentance records are available of these failed Sikh leaders.
Since 1947 Sikhs lived in India considering India as their newly founded homeland. They were given lots of promises of equality in the newly Confederated India. That however turned out false. Sikhs were stripped from their language after the rearrangement of states act of 1952, their religious status was merged as Hindu under article 25 subsection B3, their main Shrine, the Golden Temple was attacked 4 times from 1947 to 1988, a genocide of about an estimated half a million Sikhs carried out, their private entrepreneurship nationalized in a communist way. This all happened after 1947.
Also, during 1947 at the time of partition of Punjab and carving out of Pakistan and India, about 2 million Sikhs were killed and our land re-named Pakistan and northern India.
After all these betrayals of 1947 and later, the Sikh nationhood was a natural OUTCRY.
This time the proposed name was Khalistan ( the land of the Khalsa- the baptized Sikhs) versus its original name of punjaub.
Fast forwarding to the present maligned version of Khalistan, here is an imperative insight:
After 1984, 95% of the Khalistani leaders have either been bought out by the government against who they speak or were their own people from the very beginning.
Many of the people who resisted the state sponsored genocide and police oppression and murders were called Sikh terrorists. This was between the period of 1978 to 1995 in a stricter sense but more time range in the wider sense.
Others who they want to present to the world are mostly bought out people who act as Khalistanis, khalistani terrorists. This is a deliberate and planned move to defame the Sikhs globally.
The folks who they want to present to the world to defame the Sikh community are mostly bought out people who act and position as Khalistanis, khalistani terrorists in India and overseas. These type of people are patronized and given monetary or other benefits. 95% Khalistani leaders in India and overseas belong to this category.
The best Sikh insights are best presented by grassroot Sikhs and not by non Sikh “mainstream” media whether east indian or foreign.
Do not ever take a khalistani by his face value and a label attached by any media. As shared, 95% Khalistani leaders are nothing but trolls of the opposite team. 😜😝
There’s a lot to it!
Kulbir Singh
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