Dr Sohan Singh – The phoney Indian Government agent



IKA believes that Dr Sohan Singh,  a government officer in India was made head of the so called “Panthak committee” and sent abroad to carry out his secret mission against Sikhs and to control the Khalistan narrative outside India.

While the human rights violator KPS Gill, (former DGP Punjab police) comparable to Adolf Hitler in his genocide on Sikhs, exclaimed that “the top gun of the Khalistan movement” has been caught, he actually NEVER WAS, on his return to India. He lived a comfortable and lavish lifestyle while in India and later died at 93.

Why can’t the Canadian authorities see that ?

Why are the contemporary Khalistan groups silent and fail to comment? In IKA’s opinion, most Khalistani groups are working for the Indian government and not for what they project!

IKA Team (Canada)



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