Gurdarshan Dhillon

Gurdarshan Dhillon – The phoney Sikh ‘thinker’

Dhillon’s Anti Dasam Bani work:

Dhillon has been instrumental in creating confusion on the Sikh scripture Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. Dasam Granth is a non-controversial and indisputable scripture of the Sikhs. Sikhs hold a very high reverence and respect for Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. Gurdarshan Dhillon has been misguiding the Sikhs that the British introduced the Dasam Granth in the Sikh community. This is as hilarious as it is a big lie.

Sri Dasam Granth Sahib is an inseparable part of Sikhism. Dhillon and his cronies are acting on the commands of Hinduvta forces to destroy Sikh traditions.

The reality is that the British were so impressed with Sri Dasam Granth Sahib that they actually got it translated and benefited immensely from it. This is narrated by Mr. Paramjit Singh (of Malaysia) who heads the SGGS Academy. Mr Paramjit Singh ji’s  work can be seen at their video channel and at their website:

We have written to the American House of representatives to counter the work of Gurtej IAS and Gurdarshan Dhillon for all their misinformation and strategic work against Sikhs. 

Dhillon’s Fake Human Rights Activism:

Gurdarshan (Singh) Dhillon, Maj Gen Jaswant Singh Bhullar and Prof Manjit Singh Sidhu (co-father-in-law of worst human Rights abuser KPS Gill) disguised themselves as followers of the Sikh leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and came to North America a few months prior to the army attack on the Sikh community in June 1984. They came via England. They were chosen by the Indian Intelligence community to control the Sikh organizations abroad and hijack the Sikh rebuttal and narratives that were expected after the mass attack on the Sikh community in June 1984. A false provocative book was to be written by Maj Gen Jaswant Singh Bhullar under the plan. A case would be registered against them and they would “flee” India. This was carried out in April 1984 when these three spies “escaped” India. This is narrated by Mr Gurtej IAS, another stooge of the Indian Intelligence agencies. He says that the enacted case was also registered against him too.  After a few years, Jaswant Singh Bhullar returned to India and Mr Gurtej IAS got the cases against them all removed. It is so candidly expressed by Mr Gurtej himself. What happened Gurtej that you made this public? Lol.

Watch the video below in both parts:

On the other hand and around the same time, Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh was disgruntled by Gurdarshan’s sabotaging of his real human rights work with the American Congress. Dr Aulakh resigned his job at Harvard by the dramatics played by Gurdarshan Dhillon and his buddies Maj Gen Jaswant Singh Bhullar and KPS Gill’s co-brother (Kurham in Punjabi) Mr Manjit Singh Sidhu. Dhillon and his cliche were instrumental in forming the post 1984 Sikh organizations in North America and asked Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh to engage with them full time by resigning from his job as the Sikh predicament called for a full time dedication. Dr Aulakh got deceived by them and resigned from Harvard. Later Dhillon and his clever lobby turned out Dr Aulakh from these “Sikh” organizations too. This was how Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh’s highly successful career was ruined by these Indian intelligence agents.

Even today Gurdarshan Dhillon controls most of the Khalistani groups in North America and these all fall under the radar of any genuineness.


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