Gurtej IAS, a friend of KPS Gill

Gurtej IAS and KPS Gill

Gurtej IAS says in this video that he had meetings with RS Gill, father of KPS Gill in the 1980s. He says that RS Gill was an intellectual who wanted the best for Punjab. Gurtej and RS Gill would meet often.

Also Gurtej IAS talks of his meetings with Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and Mr Harchand Singh Longowal in those days.

KPS Gill was bought to Punjab in 1984 in his career as an IPS.

Questions to Mr Gurtej IAS:

  1. What was the connection of Mr Gurtej IAS with KPS Gill and his family?
  2. How could Gurtej IAS double play between Bhindrawale on one side and KPS Gill/ RS Gill on the other side? Was the role that of re-conciliation and solution to the punjab problem or was the role that of an intelligence agent transferring information of the happenings at the Golden temple to the government? 
  3. Is there any record that Gurtej IAS broke off with KPS Gill family after 1984 or after the genocides of the Sikhs that KPS Gill committed against the Sikh community at large?
  4. When hundreds of thousands of innocent Sikh men and seniors were being killed in Punjab, what is any documented evidence of Mr Gurtej IAS’s outcry in stopping the genocide or mass killings happening under KPS Gill, using his influence as friend of KPS Gill/ KPS Gill’s family?
  5. Today, as Gurtej heads the “Disappearance committee” in Punjab and positions as a human rights activist, he appears to be “hunting with the hounds and running with the hare!” How can he disprove this direct inference that comes from the facts presented above?

Anti Sikh (ANTI DASAM) Policy of Gurtej

2 thoughts on “Gurtej IAS, a friend of KPS Gill

  1. My dear friend, it is big crime according to indian penal constutution if anyone speak against this cospiracy the other if he will read khalistani books written by above name mentioned will be behind bars gifted by un bailable crime and the otherside authors are free to visit European countries why? They should be one sided Gurtej Singh said he left simranjit Singh maan cause he did not agree with his views and spoke his words in his speech and then he shook hands with kps gill ,in previous period it means Gurtej Singh was comitting same crime in which maan was charged in 80’s or 1989 onwards till 2018 is free from all his cases and why today Sikhs are arrested if supreme Court had ordered khalistan chanting or reading books is not crime all Sikhs can get bail by showing maan’s solved cases.
    Thank you

  2. Sikh panth is owned by our father
    Guru gobind Singh ji tenth omnipresent alive forever ,so as my personal knowledge fight for khalistan was started before 1947 but taken over by shromani akali dal and disgrace of granth sahib ji was done with deep cospiracy I disagree with weapon method but agree with voting and peaceful manner for Sikh Homeland if Telangana is excepted if Bangladesh can be made then every source of Punjab is almost looted but I support to gain more powers to Punjab state instead of Homeland because as per constitution it will never be made

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