Hypocrite Sikh human rights lawyers in India



Amar Chahal’s clients:

1) S Navjot Singh Chhabra- 12 years in jail in Beanta case for zero involvement in the case. Amar Chahal took money from client regularly. Client later filed Rs 50 crore damages in the corrupt judicial/ police/ legal system. Justice process wrecked by Amar Chahal.
2) S Jagtar Singh Hawara – 25 Years in jail. No release in sight. Failure to transfer client to Punjab.
3) Mrs Rupan Deol Bajaj- molested by Butcher of Punjab KPS Gill. No justice to client. No punishment to KPS Gill.
In reality, Amar Singh Chahal is best suited for a public prosecutor role yet has infiltrated into Sikh Affairs to sabotage Sikh human rights work. Till this man is incharge of Sikh human Rights affairs, Sikhs will continue being fooled by the empty rhetoric of this man and his conspiracy work against the Sikhs.
Sarkari Dalla Amar Chahal


Jaspal Singh Manjhpur’s clients:
# S Jagtar Singh Johal, a Scottish Citizen held by Hindu centric regime unlawfully. Client still in jail. Tortured. Harassed. No Cell phone recordings of Jaggi Johal produced by Jaspal Manjhpur in the court and case of Jaggi Johal weakened and failed by Manjhpur. Contribution of Manjhpur includes Fake panthak speeches and fund raising tours in UK, Canada etc. Jaspal Manjhpur is interested in his own publicity and not in getting Sikh political prisoners released. He is a big hypocrite. Beware of this man.


Harvinder Phoolka’s clients:
# Jagdish Tytler and party roam free in Congress rallies in Delhi. No Justice in 1984 genocide cases. Contribution of Harvinder Phoolka includes Fake Gurmat speeches and former formal association with a populist party in India named AAP.


This man worked hand in glove with the human rights violator KPS Gill and was the official government lawyer against innocent Sikh youth of Punjab in the 1990s. Promoted by Prime Minister ChandraShekhar as the Solicitor General of India. Later becomes Rajya Sabha MP. KTS Tulsi opposed the withdrawal of Padam Shri award to KPS Gill after Gill sexually assaulted Rupan Deol Bajaj.
ਇਹ ਸਾਡੇ ਪੰਥਕ ਵਕੀਲ ਹਨ 🤦🤦!!
When will the Sikhs realize the fool they are being made of?
Each of these lawyers are traitors to the Sikh community and to the Sikh cause!
Realize before it’s too late!