Air India case

Air India Flight 182 – A missing intention to solve the case

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Questions to Punjab Human Rights Organization PHRO

Jasjit Singh Malik brother of Ripudaman Singh Malik talks about his meeting with RAW in India in Dec 2019. Dr Balkar Singh, interviews Maliks.
SATP (founded by KPS Gill) using their own agent RS Malik’s Sikh persona to assign Air India bombing to the Sikh community.
Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh, a former faculty and research scholar at Harvard Medical school talks about the Sikh struggle in Punjab. Dr Aulakh has written nearly 30 research papers in the field of genetics. He greatly influenced many American congressmen on his bias on Punjab politics.
Dr Aulakh delves into his opinion about  the hands of the Indian intelligence agencies in masterminding Canada’s first mass murder and the first act of terrorism in the aviation field prior to 9-11.
Addressing a Breakfast show at National Press Club, USA, Dr Gurmit Singh talks about the Sikh struggle and answers questions from the guests and hosts at the show.
Those interested in knowing about the 1985 Air India tragedy of 1985 must watch his perspective.

( A 1991 recording )