Questioning The Sponsors Of The “Khalistani” Rallies That Jagmeet Singh Attends

QUESTIONS TO THE  “KHALISTANI” JAGMEET, LEADER OF CANADA’S NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY Jagmeet attends the “Khalistani” rallies in America which are sponsored by government of India and organized by Vaid Pritpal Saini (under the Psuedo title of Dr Pritpal Singh), the cousin of Sikh genocider Sumedh Saini Ex DGP.Pritpal was/ is an Indian intelligence officer disguised […]

Toolkit conspiracy Canadian Khalistanis are Modi’s friends

Third from Right: Mr. Gyan Singh Sandhu President World Sikh Organization WSO Canada Canada’s “Khalistani” organizations are being named in the Greta Toolkit conspiracy. It mentions the name of Anita Lal of the World Sikh Organization WSO Canada and Indian channels are screaming and campaigning against the Khalistanis of Canada! Sometimes it is Puneet Kaur […]

Hypocrite Sikh human rights lawyers in India

SOME HYPOCRITE AND FAKE SIKH HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS. AMAR SINGH CHAHAL: Amar Chahal’s clients: 1) S Navjot Singh Chhabra- 12 years in jail in Beanta case for zero involvement in the case. Amar Chahal took money from client regularly. Client later filed Rs 50 crore damages in the corrupt judicial/ police/ legal system. Justice process wrecked by Amar Chahal. 2) S Jagtar Singh Hawara – 25 Years in jail. No […]


OPEN LETTER TO AAM AADMI PARTY (INDIA) Respected Mr Arvind Kejriwal, I live in Canada for the last 21 years and take keen interest in Sikh politics as there is a big population of Sikhs in Canada. Directly or indirectly, the Sikhs in Canada get affected via the western and indian mainstream media outreach. Many […]


KTS TULSI KTS TULSI DEFENDED KPS GILL IN RUPAN DEOL BAJAJ CASE SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE 1) However, senior advocate K.T.S. Tulsi, defence lawyer for Mr Gill, did not seem unduly perturbed. “This judgment is academic because Mr Gill did not suffer any disqualification. So the judgment is not of much significance.” Read on… 2) […]


  RANDOM FACTS ABOUT SIKHS AND KHALISTAN There’s a huge history of the Sikhs from 1469 onwards. That was the time when their first Guru founded the Sikh religion, based on spiritual and moral values. Sikhs have been betrayed by almost every major community in the historical context. Later, Sikhs have been allies too to […]