Toolkit conspiracy Canadian Khalistanis are Modi’s friends

Third from Right: Mr. Gyan Singh Sandhu President World Sikh Organization WSO Canada Canada’s “Khalistani” organizations are being named in the Greta Toolkit conspiracy. It mentions the name of Anita Lal of the World Sikh Organization WSO Canada and Indian channels are screaming and campaigning against the Khalistanis of Canada! Sometimes it is Puneet Kaur […]

Hypocrite Sikh human rights lawyers in India

SOME HYPOCRITE AND FAKE SIKH HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS. AMAR SINGH CHAHAL: Amar Chahal’s clients: 1) S Navjot Singh Chhabra- 12 years in jail in Beanta case for zero involvement in the case. Amar Chahal took money from client regularly. Client later filed Rs 50 crore damages in the corrupt judicial/ police/ legal system. Justice process wrecked by Amar Chahal. 2) S Jagtar Singh Hawara – 25 Years in jail. No […]

The Sham “Amritsar Declaration 1994”

It is in our knowledge that in 1992 the punjab elections were boycotted saying that “we do not believe in the Indian constitution”. This was only targeted to Sikh candidates in Simranjit Singh Mann party and some in the Akali Dal Badal party. The result was that Beanta government came and consequently hundreds of thousands […]


OPEN LETTER TO AAM AADMI PARTY (INDIA) Respected Mr Arvind Kejriwal, I live in Canada for the last 21 years and take keen interest in Sikh politics as there is a big population of Sikhs in Canada. Directly or indirectly, the Sikhs in Canada get affected via the western and indian mainstream media outreach. Many […]

Harvinder Singh Phoolka

DECIDE HIS REAL ALLEGIENCE! The Sikh community calls 1984 pogrom as “Sikh Genocide”. The main lawyer who represents Sikhs in the massacre of 30,000 Sikhs who were burned alive in 1984 goes and takes Padam Shri from the Indian Government in March 2019. What a betrayal !!!   ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ  ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ […]


KTS TULSI KTS TULSI DEFENDED KPS GILL IN RUPAN DEOL BAJAJ CASE SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE 1) However, senior advocate K.T.S. Tulsi, defence lawyer for Mr Gill, did not seem unduly perturbed. “This judgment is academic because Mr Gill did not suffer any disqualification. So the judgment is not of much significance.” Read on… 2) […]


WHO ARE THE INTERNATIONAL SIKH TERRORISTS IN GENERAL! – A Provocative insight! Do you know and do you understand that many, if not most, contemporary “Sikh terrorists”, “radicals”, “hardliners”, “Sikh separatists”, “Khalistanis” etc are Government of India’s own agents? How many of you know this? The purpose of any government to have these kinds of […]

MLI Publication by Terry Milewski CBC

THE DRAMA POLITICS AROUND KHALISTAN IN CANADIAN FEDERAL POLITICS October 19, 2020 (Canada) The Macdonald Laurier Institute MLI recently released a publication by Terry Milewski the CBC reporter. Ujjal Dosanjh the India patriot, a politician and former premier in BC, Canada writes a forward. Terry builds a narrative that Khalistan is an initiative backed by […]

Gurdip Singh Malik

Sikh parade (Nagar Kirtan) LA is organized by very questionable people! Dear Editorial team, San Bernardino Sun media Good afternoon! This is in reference to your coverage of the annual Sikh parade in LA California. While from a wider Sikh perspective, its commonplace to see these events covered by the media, however the managements of […]

Gurdarshan Dhillon

Gurdarshan Dhillon – The phoney Sikh ‘thinker’ Dhillon’s Anti Dasam Bani work: Dhillon has been instrumental in creating confusion on the Sikh scripture Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. Dasam Granth is a non-controversial and indisputable scripture of the Sikhs. Sikhs hold a very high reverence and respect for Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. Gurdarshan Dhillon has been […]

Dr Sohan Singh – The phoney Indian Government agent IKA believes that Dr Sohan Singh,  a government officer in India was made head of the so called “Panthak committee” and sent abroad to carry out his secret mission against Sikhs and to control the Khalistan narrative outside India. While the human rights violator KPS Gill, (former DGP Punjab police) comparable to Adolf […]

Killing of Arvinderjit Singh Padda by police

Institute for Khalsa Affairs (IKA) condemns the cold blooded murder of Mr Arvinderjit Singh Padda (a prominent Kabaddi player) and another Punjabi youth, Pardeep Singh by Punjab Police officer Paramjit Singh last week, while they were protecting their village from robbers at night. The Punjab Police has already committed a genocide of Sikhs in the […]