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October 19, 2020
The Macdonald Laurier Institute MLI recently released a publication by Terry Milewski the CBC reporter. Ujjal Dosanjh the India patriot, a politician and former premier in BC, Canada writes a forward. Terry builds a narrative that Khalistan is an initiative backed by Pakistan.
On the other hand, World Sikh Organization, positioned by Indian mainstream media as a hardliner Sikh “outfit” in Canada but inwardly formed by and working with the Indian government itself ( many proofs of WSO hypocrisy are available) takes a position that calling Khalistan as Pakistan funded serves the India narratives.
In reality and in our strong opinion, Dosanjh, Terry Melewski, World Sikh Organization all work hand in hand and closely to form these meaningless scripts and make a fool of everyone.
In reality, WSO does not represent the grassroot Sikhs but works in alliance with the big governments to keep a controlled version of Sikh human rights going on.
Also, we believe that in all such matters, Pakistan and India work hand in hand to keep the masses of the Indian subcontinent fooled. As a tip of the iceberg, and as an example to illustrate this, we can find Amarinder, the incumbent chief Minister of Punjab, India and one Ms Aroosa Alam, a Pakistani defence journalist being live-in type of partners in India. The visas of Aroosa are obviously sanctioned by India or she maybe on some consular mission. But certainly such consular missions shouldn’t be leading to the acrimonious relations that India and Pakistan both are known to enact in the public domain. Amarinder and Aroosa are publically scoffed well and do romantically well in the public domain 😂.
Pakistan and India have jointly worked against the Sikh community on matters related to Sikh political Rights, Sikh nationhood Etc since many decades now and possibly since the partition of Punjab in 1947. On other civil or social matters, though, Pakistan has extended to the Sikh community , more than what their Hindu centric India counterparts have done in the recent years in regards to granting certain rights to the Sikhs.
Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh, a Sikh Human Rights specialist had vehemently exposed this so called “WSO” of Canada! It’s time for us now to take our turns and expose these double faced players.
The purpose of this little shorter post is not to create unnecessary discussion but to critique the drama politics already being played at the cost of wider Sikh community by self styled groups like WSO (who do not represent any Sikh audience beyond their friends and allies in Canadian Federal politics), Terry from CBC and Ujjal Dosanjh, former BC premier.
Earlier Ujjal and Ripudaman Malik of the Air India case had done a great job in appearing as adversarials yet both take instructions from their same masters in Delhi. Jointly they fooled us all.
Terry in his baseless allegations in the Air India case has deliberately sidelined the terrorists visits to the ministries in Delhi in the 1990s, and now! How can he continue ignoring the well known connections that the Air India “conspirators” enjoyed with Delhi! That’s how fake Terry from CBC is!
We don’t trust Terry, Dosanjh, WSO or Ripudaman Malik. All serve the same masters!
It’s nothing new!
Kulbir Singh
Editor, IKA


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