Respected Mr Arvind Kejriwal,
I live in Canada for the last 21 years and take keen interest in Sikh politics as there is a big population of Sikhs in Canada. Directly or indirectly, the Sikhs in Canada get affected via the western and indian mainstream media outreach. Many times the narratives being played by these media channels are far from reality and they weave lies to defame the Sikhs at large.
We understand that your fulcrum or head quarter in Punjab has been at the residence of Mr RP Singh, a “religious” leader of the Sikhs heading the AKJ sect of the Sikhs from Mohali, Punjab area.
We will like to bring to your attention the period of 1991/1992 when Sikh political parties like Shromani Akali Dal (Badal) and Shromani Akal Dal ( Mann) were made to forcibly boycott elections. Many aspirant candidates were even shot dead. The Congress which earlier committed a genocide of Sikhs in 1984 was once again brought in into power. What followed after that is a black period for the Sikhs once again in which between 200,000 to half a million Sikhs were eliminated by the notorious Punjab police DGP Mr KPS Gill under the government run by CM Beanta ( Beant Singh). Different human rights organizations across the world are a testimony to this fact. The Ontario provincial parliament in Canada has also passed a resolution acknowledging the genocide of the Sikhs in 1990s.
The reasons “used” for the election boycott in 1992 was “That we, the Sikhs, do not believe in the Indian constitution after the 1984 attack on the Golden Temple, Amritsar.”
In our independent opinion, this was a planned move by the Hindu centric forces dominating the government of India to commit a further genocide of Sikhs. Yes, the entire Sikh community worldwide was badly hurt in 1984, many of them physically but essentially in spirit and emotions. The hurt psyche of the Sikhs was used and their emotions blackmailed to facilitate an election boycott by the Sikh political parties.
We have learnt through reliable sources that Mr RP Singh, who we believe to be a government agent, took guns (perhaps AK-47s) to Mr Simranjit Singh Mann’s (leader of SAD-Mann) residence to force him to boycott elections. Mr Mann through other sources might already have been asked to boycott / withdraw from elections. Many of his videos are available on YouTube on this topic. However RP Singh was definitely in the forefront to help in the boycott process to pave the way for Congress to come to power. The government positioned this man as a Babbar Khalsa terrorist to fool the Sikh community. Sadly this person is a head of the AKJ even today. He forced all Sikh political parties to boycott elections and only with about 10% voter turnout, the Congress won.
Questions to Mr Kejriwal:
1) How can you make this man a central fulcrum of your Punjab elections campaign? How could you make a person
who forced Punjab elections boycott in 1992 and did not believe in the Indian constitution as your main Punjab area campaign manager?
Is your party outside the domain of the Indian constitution?
How are people who forced political party heads with AK-47s to boycott elections in 1992 be your campaign manager in Punjab?
2) Mr Sukhbir Badal in his capacity of Deputy CM around 2017 had accused you to be camping your election outreach at a Babbar Khalsa Terrorist RP Singh’s residence!
Lol. Had this man been any kind of a real Terrorist, he would’ve been killed by KPS Gill, in the period after 1992. We believe that RPSingh was a notorious government agent who helped the Congress party to come back to power.
What do you have to say on this?
3) We believe that your party is infiltrated with all these Sikh government men who have been instrumental in all sorts of political drives against the Sikh community.
Do you now realize that your party AAP is virtually a Sarkari Aadmi party in the Punjab context?
We have nothing against you as such and I am a Canadian citizen. However when we find such characters as anti -Sikh RP Singh as your main campaigner, we feel concerned!
The Sikh community is a diaspora and it’s not without reference that such observations have been shared. Now or then, these things affect us in Canada. To say the least, the religious AKJ sect of the Sikhs definitely has a strong base in Canada.
We will also request AKJ management to consider ousting RP Singh as their head from Mohali. There is blood of 200,000 innocent Sikhs who were picked up from homes, shot dead and their false encounters shown, whose souls ask for justice even today. RP Singh by engaging in election boycott in a free democratic setup has contributed politically, directly or indirectly, to this genocide.
We hope you will cut off all ties with Mr RPSingh and let him remember, recall and dwell on his election boycott motto which he fanatically was promoting in 1992 using guns like AK-47!
RP Singh – Akhand Kirtani Jatha

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Pressurize Mr Arvind Kejriwal to dissociate with Mr RP Singh, the one who forced Punjab to boycott Punjab elections in 1992!!
Best Regards
Kulbir Singh


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