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THE DRAMA POLITICS AROUND KHALISTAN IN CANADIAN FEDERAL POLITICS October 19, 2020 (Canada) The Macdonald Laurier Institute MLI recently released a publication by Terry Milewski the CBC reporter. Ujjal Dosanjh the India patriot, a politician and former premier in BC, Canada writes a forward. Terry builds a narrative that Khalistan is an initiative backed by […]

Hypocrisy of WSO

Hypocrisy of WSO

World Sikh Organization (WSO), in our opinion, is in bed with the Indian government. How they criticize Indian government here in Canada, talk against them openly yet hang out with them amidst government officials in India! Or is it our dumb moral duty to keep getting fooled by all this and more such?

Most of the “Khalistani”, “Panthak”, Sikh organizations in Canada work closely with the Indian Government to defame the entire Sikh community by enacting dramas and pre-prepared scripts from the Indian Government.

In another article we will try to share how WSO was founded in the post 1984 scenario with the activism of Indian Government sponsored fake Sikh operatives positioning themselves as “Khalistanis/ Panthak”.

On one hand WSO enacts activism on Sikh human rights issues yet there are many evidences how WSO works closely with the Indian Government. Here, in Canada they act as the representatives of the Sikh community and usually appear confrontational with the Indian government in their media outreach.

Watch here how the founding president of WSO, Mr Gian Singh Sandhu visits India in 2019 in the city of the Punjab Chief minister Capt Amarinder. The host of this event is Dr Balkar Singh who works for the Indian agencies and plays very hypocritical roles in the Sikh affairs. He is a virtual overt bridge between the anti- Sikh Indian agencies and the wider unsuspecting Sikh diapora groups.

On one hand, India arrests innocent and grassroot Sikh youth in the name of Khalistan, puts them in jail for acts like writing the word “Khalistan” on facebook, frames cases on Sikhs, yet on the other hand they work hand in hand with the so called “radical outfits”, “Khalistan groups”, “Sikh Hardliners” etc in order to defame the wider Sikh community across the global mainstream media. 

In our opinion, most of the Khalistan groups are brainchild of the Indian government to defame the wider Sikh community worldwide and control the Sikh narratives. Yes, there is no doubt people are fed up of all this and they DO want change. They look forward to that change and call it “Khalistan”. Only some of us realize that the post 1984 Khalistan outfits are (generally, if not entirely) Indian government outfits to define the Sikhs globally.

Peaceful and well-meaning Sikhs want a change to this Bollywood style dramatics of the regional politics of India, in it’s north Indian context, yet are only beginning to realize that the so called “Khalistan” movements in the post 1984 period do not work for the Sikhs. Hilariously speaking, if someone was genuinely interested in a utopia called “Khalistan” he will have to look in the inner spirituality to meet his needs. The outer Khalistan is just the opposite of Khalistan. Or put it this way, if one wants Khalistan, they will have to stay clear of Khalistan groups. Laughs!

The perspective of IKA team is only to highlight the fakeness and hypocrisy of Sikh groups who say one thing and act diagonally opposite of that. 

WSO! You excel in sending legal notices to folks. We will wait for one. Lol.

(The article does not explicitly or in any intrinsic way mean to slander anyone personally mentioned in the article. However from a political standpoint or “Miri-Piri” standpoint, it is important to critique.)