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Dr Pritpal Singh who organizes Sikh separatist events in North America

The Sikh Caucus: Siege in Delhi Surrender in Washington (Click to read)

Here is a newly released book by Pieter Friedrich. It is available from Amazon. We encourage our readers to buy this book and support the author. This is only an unofficial copy that we received on Whatsapp and found it very relevant to the content and narratives that we at IKA carry about the “Khalistanis”. 

The Book has done a wonderful job in exposing the “Khalistani” leaders in North America who have managed to fool the Sikhs and the wider mainstream for many decades now. They are not who you think they are. They are just the opposite of what they say. The intelligent reader will be able to navigate via this book to find the truth. 


Dr Pritpal’s donations to pro-Modi congressmen


Toolkit conspiracy Canadian Khalistanis are Modi’s friends

Third from Right: Mr. Gyan Singh Sandhu President World Sikh Organization WSO Canada Canada’s “Khalistani” organizations are being named in the Greta Toolkit conspiracy. It mentions the name of Anita Lal of the World Sikh Organization WSO Canada and Indian channels are screaming and campaigning against the Khalistanis of Canada! Sometimes it is Puneet Kaur […]