The “Toolkit” Drama by Delhi Police


How the Delhi police (and Indian agencies) and Canadian Khalistanis are ONE from within !!! Listen to this video to know more.


This is Mr Prem winning, a former president of World Sikh organization WSO in Canada seen with a lady Indian consulate officer from Vancouver, Canada and Ajit Doval, the national security advisor of India. On one hand, WSO positions itself as a Khalistan propagation organization in Canada yet WSO secretly and now almost overtly works with the Indian intelligence agencies at the same time.
“Khalistani” WSO and Ajit Doval
The recent Toolkit conspiracy connected with the India farmer protest propounded by the Delhi police is nothing but a staged and fake script to sabotage and defame  the India farmer protest by using insider “Khalistani” organizations like WSO in Canada! Anita Lal who works with World Sikh organization WSO in Canada has been named in the “Toolkit conspiracy” by the Delhi Police. 
There is no doubt left that WSO, who are none but stooges of the Indian government to sabotage any Sikh or humanitarian causes, including the India farmer protest, work hand in hand with the Indian agencies to control the Sikh narrative in Canada.
Greta Thunberg is another corporate sponsored dramatist who works on demand for the scripts that the corporates ask her to play! She has also been named in the Toolkit conspiracy as a participant.
The Delhi police “Toolkit conspiracy” was a big planned sham to sabotage the Indian farmer protest by bringing in the allies like WSO who are falsely projected as Khalistanis by the mainstream media, both Canadian and India and WSO themselves.
Message that Mr Prem winning is giving to the world is that Sikhs can act as Khalistanis yet be allied with the Indian intelligence agencies. Well done Mr Prem!


“Khalistani” Gian Singh Sandhu in India.
Third from Right: Mr. Gyan Singh Sandhu President World Sikh Organization WSO Canada


Canada’s “Khalistani” organizations are being named in the Toolkit conspiracy. It mentions the name of Ms. Anita Lal of the World Sikh Organization WSO Canada and Indian channels are screaming and campaigning against the Khalistanis of Canada. Sometimes it is Puneet Kaur from Canada, sometimes Anita Lal of World Sikh organization WSO from Canada, sometimes Mo Dhaliwal from Canada and sometimes Deep Sidhu’s girlfriend. All these “Khalistanis” are none but friends of Indian intelligence agencies internally.
The World Sikh Organization was started in Canada in 1985 by Sikh genocider KPS Gill’s co-brother, Prof. Manjit Sidhu, Indira Gandhi and RK Dhawan’s stooge, Gurdarshan Dhillon and other government-sent agents from India. Above all, they pretend to be supporters of the Sikhs by pretending to be Khalistanis and pretending to be Panthic.
In this picture, Canadian Khalistani leader Mr. Gian Singh Sandhu can be seen during his visit to India in 2019. Fourth from the left is Dr. Balkar Singh, Head of Religion Department, Punjabi University, Patiala. Dr. Balkar Singh is the one who ended the demand for Khalistan by writing the Amritsar Declaration in 1994. These cronies are government agents who can play any role given by their director bosses.
Didn’t the “Khalistani” S. Gian Singh Sandhu go to the Indian Consulate in Canada to get an Indian visa for visiting India?
Where was the Delhi Police then? Now Anita Lal is being branded a Khalistani by the police and the media but when her pseudo-Khalistani boss Mr Gian Singh Sandhu was visiting Patiala, the city of chief minister Amarinder in India, where was the Delhi police then? Where were the Indian Hindi and English screaming TV announcers when these “Khalistani” dramatists from Canada were visiting India? India media and Delhi police are outrightly fooling the people!
All these Khalistani leaders in Canada are friends of the Government of India agencies and they are fooling us all through the false media of Sikhs, the Indian mainstream media and their allies.
Recognize all these international pseudo-Khalistanis who are buddies of the Indian state and play the scripts given by their bosses.
The Toolkit was nothing but a ploy by Modi and Modi’s Khalistani friends as an add-on to the red Fort conspiracy.
It’s time for the Sikh community to understand the lies of the Indian media, their allies, the India’s unintelligent intelligence and their international Khalistani network! Sikhs have lost their confidence and trust on all these “Khalistani” cronies in western nations who have hijacked the Sikh narratives yet work hand in hand with the Indian agencies!
Warm Regards,
IKA Bureau


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