Do you know and do you understand that many, if not most, contemporary “Sikh terrorists”, “radicals”, “hardliners”, “Sikh separatists”, “Khalistanis” etc are Government of India’s own agents? How many of you know this?
The purpose of any government to have these kinds of people is to infiltrate the opposition and control it. In the case of Sikhs, in our view, the government of India has not only infiltrated many such so called groups but has actually created many of such groups in the post 1984 scenario.
Most such overseas Sikh organizations, “terrorists”, “banned Sikh organizations”, “Khalistanis”, “hardliners” Etc are run and guided by the governments themselves. The mainstream media helps build the narrative that they are terrorists and promotes that idea in the grassroot audiences. In reality, the truth is just very different. In a Boolean sense, they are just the opposite of Khalistanis.
In many instances, governments have also staged artificial legality dramas to present these people as terrorists. In reality those so called terrorists actually work for the governments. Behind the scenes they are likely enjoying some financial or influencial patronage.
Similar to various other communities across the world which have different political views amongst their own members, Sikh community is no exception. The communities under the wider umbrella term of “white communities” have possibly more than 75 nations in the world. The Muslims have more than 50 nations to their wider communities. Sikhs, being the fifth largest religious group in the world have no nation of their own. They lost the chance of their own nationhood in the round table conferences of 1930 to 1932 in London. They were themselves responsible. Later in India, during and after 1947, they faced a genocide with a total loss of an estimated 2 million lives. Separatism was a natural outcry.
However some Sikhs still want to be with India.
This confusion is not understood by the west and the only media they have to gather information on this subject are their respective mainstream medias. These are far from reporting the truth.
Understanding the concept of Sikh loyalists of the government of India versus the real Khalistan separatists is enough to understand how Sikh appearing individuals can be playing either of the Loyalist card, the separatist card and the troll/spy/ mimicry card. The third variety is explained in Punjabi as
ਦਿਲ ਹੈ ਹਿੰਦੁਸਤਾਨੀ ਪਰ ਨਾਹਰੇ ਹੈ ਖਾਲਸਤਾਨੀ
translating into that they are dedicated to India yet are raising slogans of Khalistan (symbolizing that they are acting up as khalistani yet are not).
In our view, the world is seeing the third type of Sikhs who are mere trolls or dramatists playing an artificial khalistani role.
Many countries allied to India including Canada through their annual public safety / secret reports release a report on khalistani activists in their nations. In our opinion, most or all of these people presented in these reports are their own or India governments’ operatives.
The entire narrative is to put down the Sikh community and make them a weakened diaspora versus letting them thrive in their own best desired political ways.
In our strong religious and spiritual faith, we feel that one day Sikh community which traditionally is known for helping one and all will recover back from this slavery induced by international players and get back into the vibrant effulgence it once enjoyed.
So long one is not a terrorist, the rights of communities to self determine are part of the international protocols including the UN. Being dedicated to India or wanting a Sikh nationhood is best decided by Sikhs’ individual preferences.
The point of this post was to shed light on Indian Sikhs who pretend to be Khalistanis or are positioned by the big players to act as one on the international stage. They should’ve been in Hollywood. They’ll do very well there. Laughs 🙂
Messing up with an entire community’s grace or future which was founded by martyrs and Gurus through untold sacrifices in history isn’t cool, whatsoever.
Do not kindly play with the sentiments of the Sikhs who are ready to serve one and all across the world. That isn’t fair.
Thank you !
Kulbir Singh


The Sikh Caucus

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